Got an Electronics Problem?
Think Small.

Electronics touch us in ways that were once unimaginable. Equally unimaginable is the incredible compactness of modern devices. Phillips has met the challenge of downsizing with a series of miniature micro fasteners capable of joining a diverse array of materials.

While features and benefits may vary from one drive system to another, some of the more prominent ones include ultra low-profile head for low clearance applications, reduced end-load pressure for less operator fatigue, stick-fit for drive control and handling confidence, elegant appearance for improved product aesthetics, and a high-strength recess for extreme high-torque capabilities.

Whatever your product or component, from cell phones and infrastructure to defibrillators and pressure sensors, improve your "quality system" and reduce weight with our forward-thinking micro fasteners and drive systems.

Markets Served

Technology/Electrical/Electronic Systems and Consumer Electronics

Computing :: PC, Laptops, Note Books, Net Books, IT Infrastructure,
        Servers, IT Infrastructure, Network Appliances
 Telecom :: Network Infrastructure, Patch Panels and Hardware
 Mobile Media Devices :: Cell Phones, Smart Phones, PDAs,
         MP3 Players, DPS Products  
 Multimedia :: Flat Panels, Set-top Boxes, Gaming (Personal and
 Storage :: Hard Drives, SSD, Net Storage and Arrays, VOD, Tape,
 Printing, Scanning, Imaging :: Printers, Scanners, Cameras, Cabling,
        Connections, PCMCIA, Interface Hardware 
 Medical Devices :: Monitors, Defribulators, Instruments and
         Equipment, Personal Medical Electronics and Devices
 Solar, Wind and Fuel Cell — Renewable Energy Systems :: 
         Panel Level, Electronics and Packaging Fastening Level
 Machine and Tools that support Technology-related Industries :: 
         Power and Machine Controls, MRO, Plant-level Applications

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Phillips Screw Company is a leader in the design and engineering of proprietary fastener technology, including high-performance drive systems for fastening applications in Aerospace, Automotive, DIY and Trade, Electronics, Industrial, Marine, Military and Header Tools and Gauging markets. The manufacturing of products that incorporate genuine Phillips Drive System technology are made to our precise specifications by our global network of licensed manufacturers, including Wrentham Tool Group.

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