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Phillips fasteners help put the "durable" in durable goods.

Modern industrial assembly lines may be marvels of ingenuity, but they still present a host of manufacturing challenges. Proprietary Phillips Drive Systems are engineered to overcome those challenges and speed production.

The superior designs of their industrial fasteners help prevent damage to both screw heads and costly trim. Their proven quality and elegant looks and weight reduction advantage increases both the durability and desirability of goods such as household appliances, furniture, exercise equipment, power tools and garden equipment.

While features and benefits may vary from drive system to drive system, some of the more prominent ones include secure application of screw at assembly, low-profile head, reduced end-load pressure and compatibility with generic Phillips driver bits.

For improved manual and automated operations, less rework and scrap, extended driver tool life, more productive workers, fewer callbacks and lower costs, manufactures need not look any further than Phillips Drive Systems.

For more information or to discuss your specific assembly
challenges with a Phillips specialist in the Industrial market,
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