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DIYers and tradesmen put a premium on Phillips fasteners.

Phillips Drive Systems have a global reputation for excellence. While traditionally used in industrial settings, commercial builders, retailers and merchants, and the builders who buy from them are increasingly seeking out Phillips Drive Systems as a quality alternative to everyday fasteners.

Already a favorite of DIYers and tradesmen in Europe and North America, their popularity is growing rapidly in Asia and elsewhere around the world as word of their many advantages spreads.

Features and benefits vary from drive system to drive system. Some of the more prominent benefits of Phillips Drive Systems include one-handed driving, extended tool life, superior stability, better axial alignment and less worker fatigue. These features define professional fastener quality and save DIYers, builders, and tradesmen time and money.

For retailers and merchants who wish to upgrade or expand their range of professional fasteners, there is no smarter decision than to stock Phillips Drive Systems. The product of over 75 years of innovation and engineering development, Phillips’ advanced recesses have improved fastener performance in all types of construction. Phillips has no equal in the fastening industry or on retailers' shelves.

To see how DIYers and Tradesmen around the Globe are using Phillips’ fastening technologies to improve their productivity, select one of the videos below.

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