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Brake for innovative drive systems.

Old-fashioned automotive fasteners were a constant source of cam-out, marred components and rework on the automobile assembly lines of the 1930s. Phillips answered the need for an up-to-date technology with the Phillips screw, which Cadillac introduced it in its plants in 1937.

Today, Phillips is still the source of leading edge fastener drive systems for the automotive industry that provide easier, faster and more accurate assembly, as well as simpler and cleaner disassembly for routine maintenance, field service and warranty work.

While features and benefits may differ from drive system to drive system, some of the more prominent ones include secure application of screw at point of assembly, low-profile head, reduced end-load pressure and extended driver life.

Wherever you need to reduce weight and improve assembly procedures and the reliability of your products, from transmissions to advanced hybrid components, you can count on Phillips Drive Systems.

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